West Godavari District-534456, Andhra Pradesh. Phone : 08821- 83329

Name of the Head(in-charge): Dr. S. KASTURI KRISHNA


Exportable type of flue cured tobacco is grown in Northern light soils of Andhra Pradesh covering East Godavari, West Godavari and parts of Khammam District in an area of 20,000 ha. Producing 30 million Kg. In these soils tobacco is grown under irrigated conditions. To conduct research in this tobacco a research station was started during 1975 on leased land at Devarapalli, West Godavari District and later it was shifted to Kalavacherla, East Godavari District during 1983. Later during 1988, regular research station was started at Jeelugumilli, West Godavari District to conduct systematic research on FCV tobacco.


1. To evolve high yielding and disease resistant FCV and Natu tobacco varieties.

2. To develop suitable crop management practices for producing semi flavourful to flavourful FCV tobacco.

3. To develop suitable crop management practices to Natu tobacco for getting higher yields of quality tobacco.

4. To develop alternate cropping systems suitable to that area.