West Godavari District-534456, Andhra Pradesh.

Name of the Head(in-charge): Dr. S. KASTURI KRISHNA


ICAR- Central Tobacco Research Institute Research Station, Jeelugumilli (17 0 11’’30 N and 81 0 07’50”E at 150 m above mean sea-level, average annual rainfall 1100 mm) is located in West Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh under semi arid tropical climate. Research conducted at the station is aimed at production of Semi-flavourful to flavourful FCV tobacco targeted for domestic as well as international markets. This crop is being cultivated in irrigated Alfisols of East Godavari, West Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh and Khammam district of Telangana popularly termed as northern light solils (NLS) in an area of 20,000 ha producing 30 million Kg. To conduct research in this tobacco, a research station was started during 1975 at Devarapalli, West Godavari District and later it was shifted to Kalavacherla, East Godavari District during 1983. Later during 1988, regular research station was started at Jeelugumilli, West Godavari District to conduct systematic research on irrigated light soil grown FCV tobacco.


To develop suitable crop management practices for producing semi flavourful to flavourful FCV tobacco with the following objectives

1. Breeding tobacco varieties with agronomically superior traits

2. To optimise resource use (soil, water, nutrient) for Production efficiency and produce quality

3. To identify Innovative intensive and diversified cropping systems for enhanced productivity and farm income

4. To develop effective techniques for Biotic stress management in high value commercial crops

5. To device strategies for reducing cost of cultivation

6. Identifying alternative energy sources and developing efficient techniques for FCV tobacco cuirng