DINDIGUL DISTRICT - 624 710, Tamil Nadu. Phone : 04551-60243
Name of the Head (in-charge): DR.M.KUMARESAN


The CTRI Research Station, Vedasandur was established in the year 1948 under the control of the Indian Central Tobacco Committee to carry out research programmes on Agronomy, Botany and related aspects of Chewing , Cigar and Cheroot tobaccos grown in Tamil Nadu. The Research Station along with the Institute Head quarters came under the control of ICAR in 1969.


1. To breed varieties of Chewing, Cigar and Cheroot tobaccos for higher productivity, quality and resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses

2. To carryout research on all types of agro technology for the three tobacco types.

3. To produce and distribute genetically pure and quality seeds and seedlings to Tamil Nadu tobacco farmers.