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MoU Between ICAR-Central Tobacco Research Institute and M/S KALAGA Herbal Research Labs Private Limited on 04-04-2024

Dr M Sheshu Madhav, Director, ICAR-CTRI, Inauguration of lift in international guest house, ICAR -CTRI, Rajahmundry - 29.03.2024

Skill Training of Rural Youth on “Livestock First Aid, Feed & Fodder Management ” ICAR-CTRI, KVK,Kalavacharla - 23-29th March, 2024

TSP 2023-24 Awareness Programme on Integrated Farming (inputs Supply:Cattle Feed), ICAR-CTRI, RS, Jeelugumilli - 16.03.2024

Institute Technology Management Unit Institute- Industry Meet Technology Commercialization(Chili, Turmeric, Tobacco, Ashwagandha, Castor, etc.), ICAR-CTRI, Rajahmundry- 15.03.2024

SC SUB Plan 2023-24 Awareness Programme (Input Supply: Sunhemp Seed, Neem Cake & Tarpavlins. Bale Pressing Machine), ICAR-CTRI, BSR-Farm, Katheru

Organised Training cum Exposure Visit on Integrated Farming System (IFS) under Natural Farming for DAESI (Diploma in Agricultural Extension Services for Input Dealers) beneficiaries at KVK, Kalavacharla - 13.03.2024

TSB Sub Plan 2023-24 Training & Demonstration of Agricultural Implements, ICAR-CTRI, RS, Jeelugumilli - 13.03.2024

SC Sub Plan 2023-24 Training Programme on Farm Mechanization in Tobacco (Demonstration on bale pressing machines & Topping Tools), ICAR-CTRI RS, GUNTUR - 11.03.2024

ST Sub Plan 2023-24 Traning Programme on Drudgery Reduction & IPM in Commercial Agriculture(input supply:Hand Tools & Battery Sprayers), ICAR-CTRI, RS, Jeelugumilli - 11.03.2024

Training Programme on Statistics & Computer Applicatioons for Technical Assistants(T3) of ICAR-CTRI 11-15th March, 2024

Dr M Sheshu Madhav, Director, ICAR-CTRI, visit to ICAR-CTRI, RS, Kandukur -06.02.2024

Scientific Advisory Committee Meeting ICAR-CTRI, KVK, Kandukur - 07.03.2024

Dr M Sheshu Madhav, Director, ICAR-CTRI, visit to ICAR-CTRI, RS, Kandukur - 06.03.2024

Training Program on FCV TOBACCO PRODUCTION TECNOLOGY Conducted at ICAR-CTRI, RS, Hunsur- 05-06.03.24

SC SUB PLAN 2023-24 Input distribution and awareness program on NTRM elimination in KLS Tobacco, ICAR-CTRI, RS, Hunsur - 04.03.2024 .

Dr M Sheshu Madhav, Director, ICAR-CTRI, field visit to CTRI RS, Guntur on 05.03.2024

Dr M Sheshu Madhav, Director, ICAR-CTRI, Visit to ICAR-CTRI, RS, Jeelugumilli - 02-03-2024

Skill Training of Rural Youth on “Jute cloth products making and screen printing” ICAR-CTRI, KVK, Kalavacherla 29th Feb to 6th March 2024