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Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (LC-MS/MS)

Make:- Shimadzu, Japan

Model: LCMS-8045 TQ


  • Ultra Fast Scanning speed of 30,000 amu/sec
  • Ultra Fast Polarity Switching Speed of 5 msec from positive to negative
  • Ultrafast sensitive, detection of compounds at fg level
  • Ultrafast Sweeper II Collision Cell
  • Reliable data collection, even for complex matrices like biological fluids, food
  • Fully automated, optimum Gas consumption
  • Heated ESI probe, high-temperature heating block, heated desolvation line, drying gas, focusing optics act to minimizing contamination, increasing the sensitivity many folds.
  • The triple quadrupole LCMS-8045 is the workhorse instrument
  • Accessories

    Mass Spectrometer System with heated Ionization Source, Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography System (UHPLC) with UV VIS detector, System Controller and Operating system, N2 gas generator, Argon gas cylinder with purification panel


    The LCMS-8045 offers the proven high sensitivity, high speed, and robustness of Shimadzu’s UFMS series to provide highly reliable data for applications that demand the sensitivity and speed of a mass spectrometer, such as for simultaneous analysis used in the food safety and environmental measurement fields. Due to the heated-ESI probe and UFsweeper ™ II collision cell, it offers the highest sensitivity in the middle-range class (UFsensitivity ™). LCMS-8045 also includes other various patented proprietary ultrafast technologies (UF technologies), such as ultra-high-speed polarity switching (UFswitching ™) and ultra-high-speed scanning (UFscanning™). In combination with Shimadzu’s UHPLC system, which is among the fastest in the world, the LCMS-8045 can shorten analysis times even further. It also features excellent durability and ease-of-maintenance refined over many years.


    The molecules travel the length of the column, pass through the transfer line and enter into the mass spectrometer they are ionized by various methods with typically only one method being used at any given time. Once the sample is fragmented it will then be detected, usually by an electron multiplier diode, which essentially turns the ionized mass fragment into an electrical signal that is then detected. The ionization technique chosen is independent of using full scan or SIM and MRM.


  • Simultaneous analysis of residual pesticides in samples
  • Phytochemeical analysis
  • Water quality analysis
  • User instructions

  • Very careful sample preparation with minimum impurities and proper labeling is prime most important.
  • Solvent system should be MS grade, filtered and free of bubbles
  • Analysis Charges

    Rs.10,500/-+GST per sample