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Make: Bran+Lubbe, Germany

Model: AAIII, 2001


  • High reproducibility
  • Ultra low detection limits
  • High Resolution (HR) Digital Photometers standard
  • Up to 100 samples per hour
  • Stable LED light source
  • Glass coils: chemically inert and easy visual checks
  • Accessories

    Modular unit includes Sampler, Pump, Chemical Manifold, Detector and Computer.


    The AutoAnalyzer is an automated analyzer using a flow technique called continuous flow analysis (CFA). The design is based on separating a continuously flowing stream with air bubbles.


    In continuous flow analysis (CFA) a continuous stream of material is divided by air bubbles into discrete segments in which chemical reactions occur. The continuous stream of liquid samples and reagents are combined and transported in tubing and mixing coils. An essential principle of the system is the introduction of air bubbles. The air bubbles segment each sample into discrete packets and act as a barrier between packets to prevent cross contamination as they travel down the length of the tubing. Samples and standards are treated in an exactly identical manner as they travel the length of the tubing, eliminating the necessity of a steady state signal. Continuous flow analyzer depends on color reactions with the principle of colorimetry using a flow through photometer.


    The following parameters in tobacco can be estimated
  • Nicotine
  • Reducing Sugars
  • Chlorides
  • Total Nitrogen
  • User instructions

  • Clearly mention the name of the character for which analysis is required is to be mentioned clearly
  • A minimum 0.5-1.0 kg leaf or 100-200g powder is to be provided
  • Analysis Charges :

    For each parameter Rs.650/-+GST per sample